Dizzy Goat Restaurant is here!

Ok…. The Goat has arrived at Kilkieran Cottage. Its appearance can be seen far from the valley in the next few weeks. Artist J. Miliuniene will work to reveal Dizzy Goat Restaurant. We can’t wait to see the finish art-work. Our sign is down, however it is so good to see great enthusiasm around. They […]

Welcome Michelle & Bart from Dizzy Goat Farm

A warm welcome to Michelle & Bart from Dizzy Goat Farm. Yes you heard it right! They are bringing their dizzy goat with them to Kilkieran Cottage, together with their passion and expertise, they are extending their business to run their own restaurant in Kilkieran Cottage. They are going to call the new restaurant¬† ‘Dizzy […]

Thank you all, we are now closed

We would like to thank you all; our staff, our customers, our suppliers, our families and friends, for all your supports to our business at Kilkieran Cottage Restaurant in the past years. We have gained many valuable experiences and memories which we will always treasure. We have now stopped serving in Kilkieran Cottage Restaurant, however […]

Exciting News!

A New Chapter at Kilkieran Cottage We are very pleased to announce that exciting times are ahead at Kilkieran Cottage. Chef and owner Ade Walsh has teamed up with Belgian chef and restaurateur Filip Verheyden and together they will transform Kilkieran Cottage into a French gourmet restaurant, unique in the region. Filip Verheyden is a […]

We re-open on Saturday, 1st August 2020

We delighted to say that we will back in operation again on Saturday, 1st August 2020. We are giving ourselves sometime to ensure that the place is safe to serve our delicious food to you. You can start booking your table now by phone on 051-645110 We are look forward to having you back in […]